Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three Blogs (One Returning, Two Brand-New) to Welcome in the "Twelve Blogs"

  • AGA Blog

  • Benefits Blog

  • Get Rich Slowly

  • The following three blogs were always going to be in the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" this year; the only question is whether they were going to replace prior-year blogs gone dormant or be year-specific.

    The AGA blog is published by the Association of Governmental Accountants, an important organization of professionals in the governmental accounting area. This blog was chosen for two reasons: [1] the blog filled an important need in governmental accounting blogging and [2] the authors are major players in state and local government accounting. Example articles include "New Tools for Governmental Financial Managers" by Anthony Rainey on November 21 (hereafter 11/21)(see link above) and "Why Service and Effort Accomplishments and Citizen-centric Reporting are So Important" by Eric Berman on 11/14.

    Get Rich Slowly appears to emphasize debt reduction, a worthy goal in days of a wobbly economy and queasy mortgages. Sample posts include "How to Invest in a Bad Economy" on 11/26 (linked above) and "Plant a Tree to Add Beauty and Value to Your House" on 11/23.

    Benefits Blog by Janell Griener returns. A previous edition (2005?) of "Twelve Blogs" included Ms. Griener's blog, but for some unknown reason she quit blogging for about a year. Thankfully, she has returned to blogging with tax insights plus coverage of pension issues, a topic intimidating to even many professional accountants. Worthy of attention are: "Proposition 101 (universal health care) Defeated in Arizona on 11/24" (linked above) and "Announcement from the SEC Regarding Mutual Fund Disclosures" on 11/20.

    Congratulations to each of these three worthy blogs. Year-specific blogs will start with accounting-oriented blogs next week.


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    A friendly hello from Brazil:
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    In the Netherlands, but also in a number of other OECD countries, the debate on the usefulness of accrual accounting standards, both for financial reporting and budgeting, has led to a hybrid set of accounting standards being used in government. This hybrid approach has been questioned by the Dutch Supreme Audit Office, and is generally not appreciated by accounting purists.

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