Friday, November 14, 2008

Woman [Accountant] of the Year Chosen by ASWA

  • ASWA Award

  • Jacqueline Akerblom, Managing Partner of Women's Initiatives for Grant Thornton, has been chosen by the Educational Foundation of the American Society of Women Accountants as its Woman of the Year. Akerblom was praised by Grant Thornton CEO Ed Nusbaum for her skills as partner, her passion for bringing talented women to Grant Thornton, her skill at balancing work and personal life and her mentoring to many Grant Thornton women. The awards were made at the ASWA Joint National Conference (with the American Woman's Society of CPAs) in Dallas. Five other women received regional recognition.

    Congratulations to Ms. Akerblom and the regional winners. Whether man or woman, balancing work and family are not easy to do.


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