Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where is My Rebate Check...

  • Wrong Addresses on Rebate Checks (Accounting Web)

  • Over a quarter million economic stimulus checks for about $163 million and over 100,000 regular refund checks totaling about $100 million have been returned to the IRS because of wrong addresses. IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman says that his agency is trying to enable taxpayers to receive these checks by having taxpayers send updated addresses to the IRS by November 28. An IRS Web site page and toll-free numbers (866-234-2942 for stimulus and 800-829-2954 for regular refunds) are available to help.

    By all means, if you can't figure out why your stimulus or rebate checks have not arrived, contact the IRS as they might be holding it.

    P.S. While you are at Accounting Web, check out the "Bloggers Crew" section. Familiar names such as Michelle Golden (Golden Practices), Eva Lang (BV Girl) and Eva Rosenberg (Tax Mama) also blog for Accounting Web as do a number of others on topics ranging from practice development to tech issues to taxes.


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