Friday, November 21, 2008

A Review of Prior "Twelve Blogs"--How Is Everyone Doing?

Just finished looking up how the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" blogs of years past were doing. In the accounting area, AccMan, Anaylst's Accounting Observer (public domain), Accounting Onion, CPA Trendlines, CPA Firm Technology Blog, Directors and Officers Diary, Found in the Footnotes (public domain), TechGap and White Collar Fraud are actively posting while Big4Guy's posting has slowed but continues. Unfortunately, Neil Mc Intyre has suspended his blog; I will have to find a replacement.

In personal finance, All Financial Matters, Blueprint for Prosperity, Consumerism Commentary, Financial Rounds, Free Money Finance, Mighty Bargain Hunter, My Money Blog, No Credit Needed and pfBlogs continue apace. Frugal for Life apparently had some problems in transferring to a new site but appears to be back to publishing. My Money Forest, however, has left the blogosphere--yet another blog to replace.

In taxes, Death and Taxes, Don't Mess with Taxes, Gina's Tax Articles, Mauled Again, Roth CPA Tax Updates, Tax Guru, TaxProf, Taxable Talk, Wandering Tax Pro and Wills, Trusts and Estates continue the good fight. Tax Info Blog appears to be in hiatus (hopefully temporary and short) while Taxalicious must have found blogging overly taxing (pun intended).

This weekend or next week, I will announce replacement blogs for Neil McIntyre, My Money Forest and Taxalicious. Over the first two weeks of December, I will announce the 2008 Class of "Twelve Blogs of Christmas." With a VERY busy schedule otherwise, posting between now and Christmas probably will be limited to 12 Blog posts.


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