Friday, November 14, 2008

An Abridged "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" Coming Soon

For the fourth straight year, "Tick Marks" will present the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas," traditionally four new accounting blogs, four new personal finance blogs and four new tax blogs. By convention, blogs once chosen cannot be chosen again--a list of blogs from prior years is linked through the title above. I have an extremely busy schedule during the next two months; so while the "Twelve Blogs" will appear again this year, the coverage of prior blogs may be less than in years past and the summary of each new blog may be relatively short. Next week, I plan to announce six blogs in each category that are under consideration; I encourage readers to submit their ideas for about a week after the announcement of the "semi-finalists" for any blogs which they feel were omitted. Congratulations to all blogs linked above and good luck in advance to the "semi-finalists."

One final note--Once the "Twelve Blogs" series is done for 2008; blogging will be very light until about Inaugeration Day 2009.


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