Friday, November 21, 2008

Nominees for 2008 Twelve Blogs of Christmas

First of all congratulations to the following blogs: AGA Blog (which substitutes for Neil Mc Intyre), Get Rich Slowly (coming in for My Money Forest) and Benefits Blogs (which re-enters 12 Blogs as a replacement for Taxalicious). These blogs will be treated as 2007 (or earlier) blogs and enter this "hall of fame of sorts."

Nominees for 2008 entry in accounting (four to be chosen): CPA Blog: Marketing for Accountants; CPA Firm Leaders blog, FEI SOX blog, Jeremy Newman, re:Auditors, Skeptical Accountant and 10-K Detective.

Nominees for 2008 entry in personal finance (four to be chosen): AccountingWEB Bloggers Crew, FIRE Finance, Tax Guy, Two Pennies Earned, Tough Money Love, Wise Bread, Wisdom from Wenchypoo.

Nominees for 2008 entry in tax (four to be chosen): A Taxing Matter; Roni Deutch: Tax Lady; IRS Hit-Man; Tax Girl, Tax Lawyers' Blog, Tax Policy Blog

Best wishes to the nominees. FEEL FREE to propose other blogs for the "12 Blogs;" I will be taking nominations until November 30.


Blogger the tax guy said...

isn't taxguy (Not Tax Guy) more of a tax blog than a PF? At least I try to make it that way.

8:25 PM  

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