Monday, December 15, 2008

Whither the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas?"--or Perhaps Wither the Twelve Blogs

Congrats again to all blogs named this year; my final posts on the "Twelve Blogs" probably comes tomorrow and will be a listing of all present members of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" going back to 2005.

Looking forward, the preparation of this list seems to take more time each year, with an increasingly busy schedule. I used to do more posting in the personal finance area than I have done the past couple of years; I hope (and think) that my choices there were worthy, but it took a signifcant amount of looking up candidates in the area. Possibilities for 2009--a "twelve blogs" selection done similar to the past few years (more or less four, four and four); six blogs each in accounting and tax with personal finance skipped (other than replacing dormant blogs) with the option of returning to personal finance in 2010 (and maybe adding personal finance blogs every other year) or skipping the "Twelve Blogs" entirely in 2009 with the possibility of returning in 2010. At the moment, the most likely is the six accounting and tax blog approach--however, I am open to comments.

I will have limited posts for the remainder of 2008 and very early 2009; the review of four years of "Twelve Blogs of Christmas," probably a post about the misadventures of House Ways and Means Chairman Rangel; a Christmas-oriented post and perhaps one or two topical posts on end of year accounting developments. I hope to return to a regular posting schedule some week between January 12 and 26.


Blogger Unknown said...

Merry Christmas.

6:14 AM  
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