Friday, December 12, 2008

Final Round of "Twelve Blogs of Christmas"--Time to Get Taxing!

  • IRS Interest Rates Are Dropping

  • Savers Credit Available to Some Taxpayers

  • State [Missouri] Tax News

  • Tax Update on Independent Contractors

  • The final four (NOT the NCAA type) of the "twelve blogs" come in the area of taxation. This basically came down to five with the Tax Policy Blog (at least for now) on the outside looking in.

    Richard Close, the "IRS Hit-Man," runs a blog designed to help American taxpayers find legal ways to reduce their taxes. Two well-written recent posts were "IRS Interest Rates are Dropping (12/10, see link above) and "Non-Taxable Income: A Short List to Ease Your Worries (12/5).

    Kelly Phillips Erb of Pennsylvania has been posting for a while. Two recent posts in "Tax Girl" which may be of interest are: "Savers Credit Now Available to Some Taxpayers" (12/8, linked above) and "More Arizona Tax Facts" (12/1).

    Missourian Bruce posts to "taxguy" from his accounting business. Two articles of note were "Local State News" (12/12) and "Who is Who--A Re-posted Article" (12/10).

    Peter Pappas, a practicing attorney in the Tampa Bay area, publishes "Tax Lawyer Blog". Two of his weighty posts are "Tax Court Update--November 2008--Independent Contractor v Employee" (12/11, linked above) and "IRS Offers New Mediation Program for Offers in Compromise..." (also 12/11).

    Congratulations to the four awardees. As mentioned before, it likely is just a matter of time for Tax Policy Blog.


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