Friday, December 21, 2007

Odds and Ends as the Year Closes

[1] Thanks for all who read this blog and bloggers who link here. I appreciate your support. 30,000 views is in sight; I am psyched!

[2] Happy 14th to our English Springer Spaniel, Treasure, this past Sunday. Unfortunately, it is probably his last; he is pretty frail these days.

[3] I just got an article published in New Accountant which encourages accounting students to consider developing an accounting blog. Note: cover is on New Accountant webpage, article on pages 16-19 of the periodical. I am happy with the overall article, but apologize to Tech Gap and From Greg's Head; these bloggers were overlooked on podcasting because of shortcomings on my part.

[4] Between Christmas, family and travel; I expect to do little or no blogging next week. Barring dramatic accounting developments, my review of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" is likely to be my last post of 2007.

[5] Do look for new links with one or two blogs moving to new URLs, a few new blogs and the reinstatement of at least a couple of previously-linked blogs. Along this line--it is encouraging to see active blogging by Jeff Moore (Solo Accountant) and Brian Tankersley (CPA Firm Technology Blog) and some posts by Chris Silvey (Accounting for a Detoured Economist) this month.


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