Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Loves a Fellow Wanderer: The "Wandering Tax Pro" Becomes the Tenth "Twelfth Blog"

  • Some Suggested Tax Code Changes

  • Long-time New Jersey tax preparer Robert Flach is the newest awardee of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas." Robert publishes his blog from mid-April to early January and his "What's the Buzz" column--included at least weekly, is a good review of tax posts. Two recent posts are "Dear Congress," a letter critical of Congress's penchant for patching rather than fixing the alternative minimum tax and "Some More Stuff to Think About," a set of suggested changes to the Internal Revenue Code.

    Congratulations to Mr. Flach! May he and the other tax preparer bloggers have a Merry Christmas season and a successful (and not overly stressful) tax season.


    Blogger Robert D Flach said...

    Thanks Dan for including me in your annual list! It is true what winners of the various performing arts awards say – recognition from your peers is indeed a great honor.

    BTW, I agree that Ryan Ellis, the "blogger formerly known as Tax Playa", is definitely a deserving awardee. I check his, and your, blog daily.

    Thanks again!

    The Wandering Tax Pro

    9:23 AM  

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