Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yum, Yum! Taxalicious Finishes the 2007 "Twelve Blogs of Christmas"

  • Delayed Tax Refunds

  • Tax humor site Taxalicious is the fourth and final tax site on the "Twelve Blogs." Like many humorists, the operators of the site also have a serious side--two of their serious posts are "Loans and the Credit Crunch" (see link in title) and a story detailing the pain caused by Congressional delay in passing a tax bill (see earlier post today as well as link above). Two other noteworthy features: Taxalicious uses video more than any accounting blogs that I am aware of and the blog made a noble, if short-lived, effort to host a tax blogger community at "Tax Blogger."

    Congratulations to Taxilicious on making the "Twelve Blogs" in their first year. Next week, I will point out some blogs which almost were included and probably finish posting for the year by doing a review of three years of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas."


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