Monday, December 17, 2007

The "Twelve Blogs" Finds Ryan Ellis Providing the "Tax Info"

  • First Year Married

  • First year blogger Ryan Ellis, who started blogging this year as the "Tax Playa" but later converted his blog name to the "Tax Info Blog" becomes the first of the 2007 tax bloggers awardees of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas." Like other tax bloggers such as Gina's Tax Articles, the Tax Guru and the Wandering Tax Pro, the "Tax Info Blog" uses a question/answer format to address specific tax questions received from clients and the general public. Because of the specificity of tax advice mentioned, Ryan is wise to include an explicit Treasury Circular 230 disclaimer on his blog. Two recently covered topics were passive losses (see link in title) and the tax consequences of marriage (see link above).

    Congratulations to Ryan who is off to a fine start! Unlike accounting and personal finance, tax will not be in alphabetical order and I am not yet certain who the other awardees will be yet.


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