Saturday, August 27, 2005

Best of Blogs--August 24-27

School starts next week--time will tell whether I will be able to continue this feature.

AAO: Top Kmart management taken to task by SEC for misleading disclosure regarding excessive inventory purchases in 2001 (also mentioned earlier by Footnoted). [26]

CPA Tech: Good post on alternatives to Package X. [27]

Vanilla: Reviews a PBS interview of Samuel Adams beer magnate Jim Koch and his views on accounting for a new enterprise. [24]

Consumerism: Hawaii tries price controls on gasoline. [25] (Does anyone learn from history; Mauled Again correctly points out that Hawaii is engaging in self-delusion)

Financial Rounds: Cites financial research which indicates that wealth gains have occurred from tax cuts in gains on house sales and dividends. [26]

Death and Taxes: Compares benefits and limitations of a living trust. [25]

Roth CPA: Brooks AG, an S corp, survives a wild ride in Tax Court. [26]

Tax Guru: Unhappily links to a Fox News story indicating that tax conferees are now considering keeping the estate tax; albeit at a lower level than pre-2000. [25]


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