Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Best of Blogs--August 19-23

CPA Tech--CPA firms must become more flexible and receptive to change to survive in the future. [23]

Footnoted--A great stock tip based on observing new CFO Marshall of Panacos Pharma. [22]

Consumerism--Good tips for saving money on gasoline. [23]

Free Money--A long but good commentary on carnivals. [22]

In Cash Flow--Six step program for more prosperity (and half as difficult to implement as AA!). [19]

Mauled Again--A VERY in-depth look at the Forbes flat tax. [22]

Roth CPA--Washington Post reports that KPMG will pay $300-$500 million to avoid criminal prosecution. [23]

Tax Guru--IRS offical rate of $0.405 per business mile for gasoline is likely to understate actual fuel cost. [21]

Tax Mama--Since Social Security is unlikely to cover retirement cost, better start saving now. [19]

Tax Policy--Sings the praises of the Virginia Taxpayer Bill of Rights. [23]


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