Thursday, August 25, 2005

Intuit vs. Microsoft Returns--No "Secret Ambition@" in Small Business Accounting

@--Song title by Michael W. Smith, not only namesake but "homie" (Kenova, WV) of the QuickBooks GM.

Microsoft's announcement of Small Business Accounting software has not gone unnoticed by Intuit of QuickBooks fame. Key Intuit managers recently engaged in simulation exercises to plan how to handle anticipated Microsoft competitive thrusts and QuickBooks GM Brad Smith preannounced an improved QuickBooks package (code name Denali). Analysts see Microsoft as having general familarity (Word and Excel) while Quickbooks has as its advantages concentration on the small business accounting market (their other major offerings are check-writing and tax preparation software) and possibly lower price.

The analysts pick Intuit; I think that Microsoft has learned from the past and will be tough to shove out of the market. At the same time, Intuit cannot, will not and should not leave the scene.


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