Monday, January 09, 2012

Key Topics of 2011

Rick Telberg's CPA Trendlines reviews its 20 stories with greatest reader interest and summarizes by saying that competitiveness has become the emphasis of the day. The top five topics plus a sampling of the rest: Its Offical: The War for Clients Has Begun, Top Tech Strategies of High-Performing Firms, Widening Gap Among Solo Practitioners, Five New Realities for Accountants and Lawyers, Super-Sized: Meet the new "CliftonLarsonAllen," Marketing Efforts Surge as Accountants Battle for New Clients, Cloud Computing for CPAs? Client Portals? Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, Bookkeeping Rates Show Broad Advances, The New Practice Management Discipline, New IRS Requirements Could Force Shakedown in Tax Prep Industry.

While some, perhaps many of these topics may have limited utility to some readers, especially tax preparers, Telberg's blog, between its stories and one of the best updated blogrolls around, is a must read for many accountants, especially those who deal with practice management issues.


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