Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hints for the Competency Exam by the IRS

  • IRS Candidate Information Bulletin

  • Accounting Today Headline

  • The IRS recently published a 12 page "Candidate Information Bulletin" (link above) to assist tax preparers planning to take the Taxpayer Competency Exam to become a Registered Tax Preparer. Included in the bulletin are study resources, pre-test study materials, an overview of the test and information on the testing fee and test center locations and procedures. A notable item from the Bulletin is that the exam is blacked out (cannot be taken) during the April 1-April 15 period. I also recommend studying the Master Tax Guide (available from CCH and RIA) either to complement or as a substitute for their recommended study materials which are a series of IRS publications.

    This is a continuation of the tax preparer registration process. Whether or not you agree with the concept of taxpayer registration (and I do not as chronicled in earlier posts), the IRS is to be commended for putting together this helpful guide.

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