Friday, November 18, 2011

Financial Planning Expert Larry Carroll Comes to Austin Peay

Larry Carroll, cited by Barron's as a Top 100 Independent Financial Adviser on multiple occasions, returned to his alma mater to address a standing-room only crowd of students and faculty at Austin Peay's Gentry Auditorium in the Kimbrough Building this morning. Mr. Carroll specializes in retirement planning and emphasizes control of risk. Mr. Carroll pointed out that he was a first-generation college student and survived a rocky start at his first school before thriving at Austin Peay. Three life lessons that he shared in the early part of his talk: [1] position and reputation are less important than whether you can do the job; [2] Austin Peay (and similar universities would provide comparable preparation, I's sure) gave him all the background he needed to succeed at a prestigious graduate program (UT-Knoxville) and [3] job security is based more on your skills (and work ethic?) than the size of the business that you work for.


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