Monday, December 10, 2007

"Twelve Blogs" Seeks to Get a Handle on "All Financial Matters"

  • Affordable Mortgage

  • JLP of "All Things Financial" starts the personal finance segment of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" with a hard-hitting call to disciplined spending. His "Barack Obama's 'Answer'..." (link in title) skewers the Democratic candidate's proposal to extend relief to subprime borrowers (JLP links to a separate post critical of Bush's plan as well) while the "How Much Mortgage Can You Afford" article (link above) provides a useful calculator to keep housebuyers from overextending themselves. "All Financial Matters" is also part of the mighty "Money Blog Network."

    Congratulations to JLP on his successful blog. Another personal finance blog will be added to the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" soon.


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