Thursday, November 29, 2007

Remembering Past Blogs of Distinction--Personal Finance This Time

Time to check on the 2005 and 2006 awardees of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas." Blueprint for Financial Prosperity had a humorous recent post (11/28) on the cost of the original "12 Days of Christmas." Consumerism Commentary just posted (11/29) a recollection by well-known humorist Ben Stein of the "Three Biggest Retirement Mistakes." Financial Rounds has a challenging, but potentially valuable post about an inverse relationship between revenue accruals and stock prices (11/24). Free Money Finance had a thought-provoking post titled "Five Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer." Dawn at Frugal for Life just changed her URL (web address)--the new address has a humorous post, "New Words for the Frugal," about new made-up words related to spending. Mighty Bargain Hunter recently posted on "Invest in Yourself by Learning Things of Value." My Money Forest looks for new income streams in "Ebooks Generate Cash (11/18)." Finally, pfblog addresses an unexpected earnings opportunity (pursue at your own risk) with (11/6) "How to get 8% Annual Return at No Risk."

Congratulations to all the above on past and present contributions; it is good to see that all these blogs remain active and healthy.


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