Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Lot Late or a Little Early--Tech Gap Stands in for Benefits Blog in the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas"

  • Scan and Organize

  • Sadly, the fine pension/postretirement blog "Benefits Blog" slowed down near the end of 2006 and had its last post in mid-January, 2007. Thankfully, there a number of accounting blogs worthy to take the place of honor in the 2006 "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" roster. One such blog, nominated but not chosen last year, is "Tech Gap" by Gregory LaFollette. Like Brian Tankersley of "CPA Firm Technology Blog," Greg emphasizes the impact of technology on the practice of public accounting. Two November posts are "Targets Attacks Aim at the Financial Sector," which describes a malicious attachment to an e-mail presumptively from the Better Business Bureau (linked in the title) and "Scan and Organize/Scan and Populate Field Draws a New Entrant" (linked above); software by Copanion called Gruntworx which becomes the sixth competitor in the arena of organizing source documents for tax preparation/tax compliance purposes. I should also note that Greg is one of the first bloggers to embrace podcasting (don't look for me to join him in the near future).

    Congratulations to Greg on a fine blog. More accounting blogs will receive 2007 "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" status during the week ahead.


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