Friday, November 30, 2007

Remembering Past Blogs of Distinction--This Time, the Taxmen (and Taxwomen) Cometh

In the final retrospective before the 2007 "Twelve Blogs" begin (actually a baker's dozen since a 2006 accounting awardee has gone dormant), tax is the topic of interest. From the 2005 class, Villanova law professor James Maule continues Mauled Again. In a 11/28 post, James looks at the new National Research Program compliance audit and asserts that tax simplification by Congress would mitigate both image and collection problems for the IRS. Joe Kristan at Roth CPA Updates continues apace as well. A recent Roth entry (11/27) found that IRS intent for a 90-day to be issued on the 22nd does not defeat an actual stated date of the 24th. In Tax Prof, Paul Caron looked at an initative of his to encourage active student learning. Finally, Taxable Talk's Russ Fox posted (11/28) about a 35-count charge of tax fraud against a Pennsylvania attorney.

2006 awardees displayed similar admirable activity and acumen. Joel Schoenmeyer writes about Larry King and life insurance (11/29) in Death and Taxes. Kay Bell
(11/28) had a sobering story about credit cards and younger kids and the importance on setting limits on the commercial and material facets of Christmas in Don't Mess with Taxes (watch for the Carnival of Taxes next Monday). Gina answers early November questions about SEP-IRAs, Five Year Capital Gains Rates and Unimproved Land in Gina's Tax Articles (previously Gina's Tax Page). Finally, if you can get past his great cartoons, the Tax Guru (aka Kerry Kerstetter) warns noncorporate entities
(11/29) to beware state tax authorities and the IRS regarding payroll taxes and the contentious independent contractor/employee issue.

Congratulations to each of these bloggers for their past and present contributions. May your blogs continue more than 1040 days into the future!


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