Saturday, December 22, 2007

Three Years of "Twelve Blogs of Christmas," Part 2

Without hyperlinks this time. Codes used are AC: Accounting blog; PF: Personal Finance blog; TX: Tax Blog

Analyst's Accounting Observer (AAO), AC
BSC Trendlines, AC [replaced dormant Vanilla Accounting]
Consumerism Commentary, PF
CPA Firm Technology Blog, AC
Financial Rounds, PF
Found in the Footnotes, AC
Free Money Finance, PF
Frugal for Life, PF
Mauled Again, TX
Roth CPA Updates, TX
Tax Prof, TX
Taxable Talk, TX

Big4Guy, AC
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, PF
Death and Taxes, TX
Don't Mess with Taxes, TX
Fraud Files, AC
Gina's Tax Articles, TX
Mighty Bargain Hunter, PF
Neil McIntyre, AC
My Money Forest, PF
PF Blogs, PF
Tax Guru, TX
Tech Gap, AC [replaced dormant Benefit Blog]

AccMan, AC
Accounting Onion, AC
All Financial Matters, PF
Directors and Officers Diary, AC
Five Cent Nickel, PF
My Money Blog, PF
No Credit Needed, PF
Tax Info Blog, TX
Taxalicious, TX
Wandering Tax Pro, TX
White Collar Fraud, AC
Wills, Trusts and Estates Law Prof Blog, TX

Again, congratulations to all


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