Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top Ten Tech Issues for 2007: PLUS One by Strategic Finance

William Baker, writing in a Strategic Finance article reprinted at Smartpros, reviewed an AICPA survey. The subset of AICPA members chosen, primarily those who are Certified Information Technology Professionals, listed their top ten as follows:
1. Information security (again)
2. Assurance and compliance (primarily SOX)
3. Disaster and business continuity planning
4. Information technology (IT) governance and valuation
5. Privacy management
6. Digital identification and authentication
7. Wireless technology (such as Wi-Fi)
8. Application and data integration, including system intercommunication
9. Paperless digital technologies, such as XBRL
10. Spyware detection and removal

Baker emphasizes at the end that goal alignment between IT and management, similar to but not the same as IT governance, SHOULD be the top item--alignment will assure that IT and top management continue to seek the same goals and remain so as both IT and management adjust to future requirements.

Baker offers a compelling point of view-- at the same time, the listed top ten is also worthy of attention.


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