Sunday, December 17, 2006

Worthy of mention

A number of worthy blogs did not make the Twelve Blogs of Christmas this year; as seen with pfblogs and Tax Guru, at least some will be on the 2007 Twelve Blogs of Christmas. In the accounting area, Corporate Governance could yet come in as a substitute, a la BSG Trendlines in 2005, if Benefits Blog does not resume posting. Additionally, Tech Gap and the new Accounting by a Detoured Economist certainly appear to be worthy of consideration. In personal finance, My Money Blog and Money Blog Network members All Things Financial and Five Cent Nickel are likely to be considered in 2007. Numerous prospects already make for a crowded field for 2007, including Brian Brown, CPA; Intaxicated; Tax and Business Law Commentary and Tax Mama.

Remember that tomorrow and Tuesday will bring a number of worthwhile Carnivals and Festivals, such as the Carnival of Business, Carnival of Fraud, Festival of Frugality, Carnival of Investing, Carnival of Personal Finance and Carnival of Taxes. I will not be in any of these this week with finishing up the Twelve Blogs of Christmas.

Finally, thank you again to all readers and blogs linking to Tick Marks, as blog views reached 15,000 late this past week. With 10,000 views occurring shortly before my birthday in early August, view count must now be over 1000 per month. Thanks again to all.


Blogger Chris Silvey said...

Thanks for the mention. I have been bloging for years, Accounting for a Detoured Economist is my latest tangential blog. Sorry for the lack of posting lately. A major hurdle for any auditing blogger is fitting a blog into the work/life balance during the busy season. My busy season is from September to December. Expect more posts in the near future.

Chris Silvey
Accounting For A Detoured Economist

9:20 PM  

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