Monday, December 18, 2006

Slowdown coming

First of all, thanks again for the response to the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas". Readership appears to up significantly and several bloggers have linked to the "Twelve Blogs" series.

In a somewhat untimely note, a variety of reasons will produce a slowdown in posting over the next several weeks. Expect one (at most two) more posts the rest of this week; one or two (plus an off-topic Christmas post) next week; one, two or at most three the first week of January and two to three (perhaps four) the second and third week of January. Hopefully, by the week of January 22, Tick Marks will be back to a normal posting schedule of 3-6 posts per week.

One final announcement: sometime during the first half of 2007, it is quite possible that I will start a second, more self-expressive (self-indugent?) blog. The second blog would primarily be about politics, sports, family and perhaps music and religion. If the second blog occurs, I will mention it in Tick Marks but would not provide a permanent link. An example of this type of blog is Joe Says So on Blogspot by Joe Kristan of Roth CPA Updates fame.


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