Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finishing Up the Twelve Blogs of Christmas: We Finally Reach the "Tax Guru"

Kerry Kerstetter, an Arkansan sometimes referred to as the "Tax Guru," is the final (though far from the least significant) blog to be included in the Twelve Blogs of Christmas. Kerry (do NOT confuse him with John Kerry) was one of the first accounting/tax bloggers (archives back to 1999) and has had a lot of success with a question and answer format in his blog. He was a mentor for Gina's Tax Page (the previous initiate into the Twelve Blogs) and was seriously considered last year. A defining feature of Tax Guru is creative use of editorial and strip cartoons. I have linked to his December archive above; one of favorite posts this month was a list of 12 tips for business tax planning on the fourth.


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