Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Eight is NOT Enough for the Twelve Blogs of Christmas: pfblogs Wraps Up the Best in Personal Finance Blogs

The final personal finance blog to be listed in the Twelve Blogs of Christmas is pfblogs, an aggregator of personal finance blogging. Posts range from well-known blogs such as Consumerism Commentary or Free Money Finance to occasional personal finance blogs such as Tick Marks to brand new bloggers (you never know who the next superstar personal finance blogger will be). A companion site, pfblogs Speaks (http://blog.pfblogs.org/) updates readers on new developments on the blog.

Next up, the tax blogs. Nominees are: Brian Brown, Death and Taxes, Don't Mess with Taxes, Gina's Tax Page, Intaxicated, Tax and Business Law Commentary, Tax Guru and Tax Mama. Eight worthy blogs--four will have to wait.


Blogger Robert said...

Have you read my "blog" THE WANDERING TAX PRO at http://wanderingtaxpro.blogspot.com?

RDF - The Wandering Tax Pro

9:46 AM  

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