Monday, August 21, 2006

"Double Your Pleasure, Double Your (Carnival) Fun

For the second time in three weeks (and probably the last time for awhile) posts from the past week made two separate carnivals: the "Party Hardy" post was included in the Carnival of Investing
and the "More Insurance" post in the Carnival of Personal Finance (in Dr. Zeuss form, see link above).

Other posts from the Carnival of Personal Finance include "Free to Be Stupid" from Roth CPA Updates, "Precious Little Time to Get Your Prius," from Don't Mess with Taxes, "The Best Money Moves You Can Make" from Free Money Finance and "Future Spending, Two Big Items" from Consumerism Commentary. At the Carnival of Investing, check out "Diversification: How I'm Learning the Hard Way" at My Money Path and "Real Estate Taxation" by CPA Brian Brown.


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