Saturday, August 19, 2006

Straightening Up the Blogroll

I have reluctantly removed three blogs from the blogroll at right. Fredrick Mischler, Solo Accounting Reporter and Vanilla Accounting were all good blogs and I would be willing to reinstall any of them, but none of the three have any posts shown since April. Additionally, I considered dropping Start Making Sense as overly political, but Mr. Shivaro did have some thought-stimulating posts about the estate tax and the blogroll probably needs his left-leaning blog for ideological balance. Finally, the link to the Carnival of Taxes, which was not functioning, has been removed; in its place, I have linked to Don't Mess with Taxes, the blog which hosts the Carnival of Taxes.

On a more positive note, Rick Telberg at BSG Trendlines has a good piece on auditing challenges for state and local governments (see link above) and Tracy Coenen has good info on how to spot a fraud perpetrator at


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