Friday, August 18, 2006

Could You Have More Insurance than You Think?

Reporter Ellen Simon stated that she had been fighting cancer for over one year when she found that her insuror, United Healthcare, provided specialized cancer benefits through a program named Cancer Resources. She was not alone; one-time HHS staffer (under President Clinton) Karen Pollitz had a similar experience and Colleen Wilbur of the American Cancer Society was also unaware of the UnitedHealthCare benefit. Simon pointed out examples from other insurors as well: Aetna covers certain highly specialized cancer treatments even if they are performed at an out-0f-network provider and Wellpoint offers the assistance of a coverage guidance specialist once cancer has been diagnosed. To access the cancer benefit as a UnitedHealthCare member, as well as other benefits which might apply for such conditions as congenital heart disease, pregnancy and kidney illnesses, go to "" (UnitedHealthCare homepage), go to "My Coverage and Costs," then to "Special Services." UnitedHealthCare covers as many as 48 million people according to its 2005 annual report.

In time of family health crisis, it is very difficult to keep a calm head. Nevertheless, taking the time to check with your insuror when an unpleasant diagnosis has been made may save a lot of money and aggravation later.


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