Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Very Absent-minded? Second VA computer is Determined to be MIA

For the second time in three months, a computer containing personal information covering tens of thousands of veterans has disappeared. The missing computer is from the Reston, Virginia Veterans Administration office and as many as 31,000 veterans in the Pittsburgh area plus another 5,000 Philadelphia vets and 2,000 veterans who are now deceased may be affected. Nonencrypted information included in the missing computer include names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdates and military service histories. Joe Davis, a VFW spokesman, called on the Federal Government to provide free credit monitoring to those affected to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Though not as broad as the May disappearance, this computer loss might be more damaging; police appear to think that theft of the computer was involved. While the first loss went to the dangers of using laptops (vs. desktops), this disappearance may bring up the issue as to whether private subcontractors are providing enough information security.


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