Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Disturbing Possibility

The Senate Subcommittee on Small Business and Enterpeneurship unanimously approved two proposals would make it easier for large businesses to get Small Business Administration monies. One proposal would allow large companies to acquire small companies participating in the Small Business Innovation Research Program while the other would redefine "small" businesses to have up to 1,500 employees. Each proposal was resoundingly (over 90%) opposed by those participating in a public comment process last year. Previously, SBA monies have been found to be received by such "small" companies as AT&T, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft.

It must be emphasized that this is only a Senate Committee vote, though the fact that the vote was unanimous leaves little excuse opportunities for either Democrats or Republicans on the committee. The possibility that a 1,400 employee business could get SBA funding is yet another reason that government is a shaky reed to count on if you are looking for fairness, another reason to wonder why so many believe that big government will solve America's ills and a reason to call forth the Porkbusters.


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