Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Diane Rubin Takes Reins of NASBA

Diane Rubin, partner in San Francisco-based CPA firm Novogradac, recently was appointed as chair of the National State Boards of Accountancy. Previous professional service by Ms. Rubin includes being a member of the Auditing Standards Board and committee membership on the Uniform Accounting Act and California Board of Professional Conduct. Among goals listed by Ms. Rubin are stronger ties amongst state boards and a greater appreciation of regulation of accountants and the roles that accountants and auditors play in fighting corruption.

In a related piece of news, the NASBA intends to issue shortly its final draft to the NASBA and AICPA shortly. Presumably, this will include the final position on the proposed pre-exam educational requirements to sit for the CPA exam. The exposure draft called for new courses or emphasis in presently existing courses) in communication, ethics and research; it will be interesting (and MORE than interesting for present accounting students and smaller universities) to see if the initial proposals have been maintained or, if instead, they have been modified.


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