Monday, November 28, 2005

New Accounting Blogs Reviewed

Rick Tedford reviews several blogs in an article for the AICPA web publication "CPA2BIZ". Vanilla Accounting and Mauled Again are already linked at right and have been cited previously in some of last summer's "Best of Blogs" summaries. Of the three other blogs, BV Girl could be interesting but publication has been somewhat sparse in recent months and the Milt Brown blog ( could be good for Michigan accountants but seems to be primarily oriented to Michigan news, especially tax news. I am adding the Jeff Moore blog (Solo Accountant Reporter) to my links; his promising blog basically deals with the nuts and bolts of operating an accounting practice. While this is not one of the topics I addressed a couple weeks ago in my "Call Out for Accounting Blogs", Mr. Moore's blog is well-written and covers a valuable topic. Combining this blog with Vanilla Accounting and perhaps Tax Mama provides a good view of running a CPA practice in much the same way that combining AAO and Footnoted provides good coverage of analyzing corporate financials for insights on effectiveness and transparency of corporate management. I am taking Financial Accounting Blog off the links; posting has been VERY sparse.

An announcement: in about two weeks I plan to start the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" where I highlight what I consider to be a particularly good blog post each day from December 13-24 (unlike the "Twelve Days of [post-] Christmas"). As might be expected, cited items will come from the accounting, personal finance and taxation links listed at right. My intent is not to use any blog more than once--but I will use multiple posts from the same blog (or blogs) if I consider it appropriate.


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