Thursday, August 18, 2005

Best of blogs--August 14-18

Next up: next Tuesday--note: with school upcoming, this feature may diminish in upcoming weeks

Vanilla Accounting: Good tips on proper documentation of shareholder loans. [15]

Consumerism: T-shirt web page has fun with "housing bubble"; a realtor group was not amused. [18]

Finance Prof: Pitfalls of investing/gambling on basis of recent trends, whether good or bad. [16]

Financial Rounds: Link to Scholarship America's "40 Money Tips Every College Freshman Should Know." [18]

Death and Taxes: Administratix is forced to accept a settlement in a wrongful-death suit (also mentioned by Roth CPA). [16]

Mauled Again: Lengthy but good post on what to expect in a law school tax class. [17]

Taxing Times: President's Tax Reform Advisory Panel proposes 1% national sales tax to replace AMT. [16]

TBL Commentary: No need for a blog to include a Circular 230-style disclaimer if no client is involved (also mentioned in Tax Prof). [16]

Tax Guru: Looks at SUV deductibility for a child-care center. [14]

Tax Policy: Commemorates 70th anniversary of Social Security by calling for it to return to its roots. [15]

Taxable Talk: More discussion of poker winnings and taxes. [17]


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