Monday, December 18, 2006

24 Blogs of Christmas: Reviewing the first two years

For accounting, in alphabetical order followed by poster's name and year selected:

Accounting Observer, Jack Ciesielski, 2005
Benefits Blog, Janell Griener, 2006
Big 4 Guy, Anonymous, 2006
BSG Trendlines, Rick Telberg, 2005*
CPA Firm Technology Blog, Brian Tankersley, 2005
Found in the Footnotes, Michelle Leder, 2005
Fraud Files, Tracy Coenen, 2006
Journal Entries, Neil McIntyre, 2006

For personal finance, in alphabetical order followed by name (if known) and year

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, "Jim," 2006
Consumerism Commentary, "Flexo," 2005
Financial Rounds, "Unknown Professor," 2005
Free Money Finance, Anonymous, 2005
Frugal for Life, "Dawn," 2005
Mighty Bargain Hunter, "John," 2006
My Money Forest, "Tim," 2006
pfblogs, Anonymous, 2006

For tax, in alphabetical order followed by name and year selected

Death and Taxes, Joel Schoenmeyer, 2006
Don't Mess with Taxes, Kay Bell, 2006
Gina's Tax Page, Gina Gwozdz, 2006
Mauled Again, James Maule, 2005
Roth CPA Updates, Joe Kristan, 2005
Tax Guru, Kerry Kerstetter, 2006
Tax Prof, Paul Caron, 2005
Taxable Talk, Russ Fox, 2005


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