Monday, July 05, 2010

Some Love for Kay Bell and the Carnival of Taxes and a Warning to Those with Spam Posts

[1] I dropped the ball and did not submit this month, but Kay Bell deserves commendation for continuing to publish Don't Mess with Taxes which presently is on a monthly basis. The carnival will probably be out this afternoon and includes a variety of tax tips of legal, policy and personal finance natures. Kay has been kind enough to link to several dozen of my posts during the Carnival and I believe that reading today's carnival will be worth your time.

[2] As strongly as I can make this point, I want to discourage spammers in the comments section (have I been too lenient on close calls in the past?--perhaps). At the risk of appearing to be a xenophobe, I ESPECIALLY will pull posts written in languages other than English (unless an English translation is included--I still may pull it anyway if I am dissatisfied). With non-English language posts, I literally do not know whether the commenters have a valid point or whether they are promoting a spam, pornographic or phishing site.

UPDATE (July 22)--I have now required word verification to reduce spam. My apologies for inconvenience to legitimate commenters.


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