Monday, June 07, 2010

91th National IMA Conference--Monday am

The mid-morning session of the conference likely will be one of its best--Dr. Marianne Jennings of Arizona State talked about the frequency and cost of ethical lapses in business. She pointed out that the culprits usually are aware that what they are doing is "not quite right," that many, many people disconnect between their beliefs as to what is ethical and what they practice and many reasons why ethical behavior is the best long-run policy. Though much of her talk was the same as last year in Denver; the message still reasonated.

After an exhibitor break, brown-bag luncheons were up next. While eating box lunches we self-placed at tables with about 100 potential topics. I did not choose well and lost interest after about 20 minutes. Hopefully, my choices on concurrent sessions this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon will be better.


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