Wednesday, June 09, 2010

91st National IMA Convention--Tuesday AM

A combination of car problems (eventually requiring a $300 repair) and several frustrating problems with getting a light rail ticket caused me to miss the 9 am session by a previous CFO of Health South. Apparently it was quite good--the speaker had a sizable line to sign copies of his book.

The 10:45 session involved a panel moderated by Nevada finance officer Kim Wallin and including Mike Schlanger, Mark Montoya and Mike Willis on XBRL (standardized business reporting) was quite good. Willis of PWC was particularly good--he compared SBRL to the bar codes used in inventory control and pointed out that XBRL actually could facilitate (rather than complicate) convergence with IFRS.

Our luncheon speaker (the entree was chicken--surprise, surprise) was Annebel Beeren of Southern New Hampshire. She talked about facing new raalities and having the courage to adapt to change. She pointed out that "encourage" literally involves raising the courage of those around you. Ms. Beeren tended to be a shade theoretical at times and her presentation can best be described as solid but not spectacular.


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