Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too Long Between Posts--Apologies

While is NOT true that Ronald Reagan and Princess Diana were still alive when I last posted, it has been too long and I apologize. Unfortunately, posting will remain light until May 10 or so because of end of semester responsibilities (test writing, grading, etc.) First observation--tax season is OVER for the millions of EAs, CPAs and others who have worked ungodly hours for the last two months or so. I look forward to seeing the posts of Robert Flach (Wandering Tax Pro), Monica Lavwer (Confessions of a CPA and the Tax CPA) and others as they return to blogging after their working hiatus. Major applause to Joe Kristan, Russ Fox and other working tax accountants (yes, and Peter Pappas, Kelly Erb and tax lawyers too) who were able to post in the midst of the maelstorm. Second observation--I was at the Society of Business, Industry and Economics conference and attendance was down markedly from last year. David Black, Jim Couch and the rest of the SOBIE crew do a good job of running the conference; so I think what happened was that many schools have cut back on academic travel allowances. It was sad to know that many familiar faces were not present; though I guess academic travel allowances seem pretty trivial to the millions of unemployed Americans and to state legislatures trying to avoid California-style financial crisis. Third observation--one of my students was killed in a car accident while I was away at the conference. This is the seocnd time that I started the semester with a student which would not live to see six months from that point (one in Alabama fifteen years ago or so), Lord willing, there will never come a time that such an event fails to shake me up.


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