Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Building Physical Stamina for the CPA Exam

Jody Padar compares her experience with running a mini-triathlon (and Jody, like me, is no lightweight) with preparing for the CPA exam. She points out that each takes guts, discipline and determination. Additionally, developing a schedule and sticking to it gives one a far better chance of succeeding. Finally, a support system, such as a CPA review course, likely will improve your chances. A reward for succeeding (which in her case appeared to be having children) is also a good idea.

Ms. Padar's proposals are worth the attention of students preparing for the CPA (or CMA or other professional accounting exams). Though she did not specifically mention this, building some level of physical stamina (like she did for the mini-triathlon) is also very helpful. While the exam no longer requires five three-to-four hour segments as it did when I took it in the 1970s (yes, and now you'll tell them that you walked three miles uphill both ways to school every day); getting in at least some degree of shape WILL help both in studying and in taking the exam.


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