Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Taxes/Math is Too Hard for Me"--This is the IRS Commish, not a Dumb Barbie/Blonde Joke

IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman acknowledged that he uses a paid tax preparer for his [family's] own taxes. When pressed as to whether this was a good reason to simplify taxes, Shulman countered that tax law was established by Congress; not the IRS.

Although somewhat embarrassing, I have no problem with Commissioner Shulman using a paid preparer; it is, after all, better than making the kind of tax mistakes made by Treasury Secretary Geithner. However, his assertion that the IRS had no part in tax complexity was at best ill-informed and possibly deceptive, a major part of US tax law are the regulations written by the Treasury (IRS parent) and the IRS issues various types of ruling which are viewed as authorative in legal tax cases.


Blogger Shane said...

Do you suppose that preparing a return for the IRS Commissioner would make a preparer a bit nervous, but smirk at the same time?

8:52 AM  

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