Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay, I'll Bite--Is Tax Policy Really Based on Women's Magazines?

NOTE: Sorry for last week's light blogging; I had to be out of town to be available for my dad as he experienced a medical procedure last week.

Web CPA Editor-in-Chief Michael Cohn compares the new Geithner/Obama "Greenbook" with articles from the popular women's magazine "Redbook." Comparisons include expanding the Earned Income Credit to praising marriages of the past generation; disaster tax relief to fixing "fashion disasters," limiting availability of itemized deductions to high-income taxpayers to counterproductive diets, using tax credits to increase access to college education to being too busy with the needs of others for self-improvement and a comparison of requiring electronic filing to hot "beach reads."

Some of Mr. Cohn's comparisons seems contrived (NOL carryback to swimsuits) and the column may be overly similar to conservative satire sites such as Scrappleface for the liking of some--nevertheless, I considered it a worthwhile attempt for some light humor for the [usually] less intense summer months.


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