Saturday, May 02, 2009

May Flowers?

  • Joe's Take

  • Updates (I conaidered stealing The Wandering Tax Pro's "The Buzz", but didn't):

    [1] Had my 16th anniversary yesterday (Yeah Pam and I!)

    [2] Started finals yesterday (as usual, some did better than others--especially on the Principles exam)

    [3] SOBIE co-author and APSU faculty member Lesley Davidson just started her own blog, "APSU Accounting InfoLink." The blog at present is primarily designed to update the APSU accounting department, but hopefully Lesley will venture into broader topics in time. I have linked Lesley's blog in the title.

    [4] Joe Kristan of Roth CPA Updates wrote a thought-provoking response to my post about accounting faculty. Obviously, Iowa does not provide good options for active practitioners to enter academia, but Iowa is hardly alone. Non-educators typically are made adjuncts and adjuncts are grossly underpaid. I can also understand Joe's lukewarm reaction to the "Accounting Doctoral Scholars" program. While ADS is a worthy effort, the AICPA plan still places sizable financial hardship on practitioners who are still raising a family when wishing to start transition.
    Some universities have "Executive in Residence" programs which may be an answer. Elsewhere, it will be a tough sell as a number of liberal arts faculty already begrudge the salaries paid to accounting, computer science, engineering, etc. faculty WITH Ph.D.s and may mutiny if non-Ph Ds in professional fields, even those with impeccable practice credentials, are paid more to teach than theater and history faculty with Ph.D.s. One final idea--a greater level of summer internships by larger CPA firms to give academics a better idea of how CPA practice works today.


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