Monday, May 18, 2009

Starting a Marriage Off on the Wrong Financial Foot

Erin Burt of Money Magazine reports on six ways to go wrong with money early in the marriage. These include hiding information (such as premarital debt) from a spouse, not using a budget (and it probably should be formal), leaving husband or wife out of the loop (though one may indeed be better at budget prep, both should know what is going on), bringing debt into the marriage (have a plan BEFORE the wedding to pay it off), making mountains out of molehills (not complaining about $1 overpayments) and not having a fund for emergencies (they WILL happen).

Ms. Burt's advice is solid and Dave Ramsey-tested. It, however, applies to those in estimated marriages, civil unions and "living together" couples as well as newlyweds.

NOTE: I probably will not post again until at least Saturday.


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