Friday, September 14, 2007

Viewing Some Blogs Less Visited

I feel that all the blogs listed at right are worthy of your attention, but will acknowledge that I reference some blogs more than others. A small sampling of blogs which I have not referenced in many months:

David Rachford's CPA Marketing Center blog makes the case for writing newsletters [9/12] at CPA Blog: Marketing for Accountants.

Kevin LaCroix at D and O Diary reports that insider trading still matters to the SEC [9/1].

Jim at Blueprint for Prosperity explains how Fed interest rate changes impact stock markets [9/13].

The "unknown professor" at Financial Rounds studies how much CEOs should be paid [9/14].

Milt Baker at CPA Sense points us to IRS Publication 970 to review all the tax incentives available to students at colleges and universities [9/11].

Last but far from least is Texas Tech law professor Gerry Beyer at Wills, Trusts and Estates Professor Blog provides two useful posts about handling of digital property after death {9/11, 9/13].


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