Thursday, September 06, 2007

KPMG Running Afoul of Canadian Labor Law?

CPA firm KPMG has been targeted in a class-action suit in Ontario for insufficient or nonexistent overtime pay for employees working over 44 hours. Jonathan Ricci, plantiff's lawyer, said that employees, including lawyers and non-CA staff, were not exempt under Ontario regulations and said that the outcome probably would not come quickly. KPMG representatives quickly pointed out that US operations of the firm were not directly affected.

I only know enough U. S. law to be dangerous--I certainly do not know Canadian labor law. Within the U. S., KPMG actually has a reputation as an enlightened employer and has been found on more than one "best places to work" list. One possible ramification for U. S. CPA firms thinking about going international--get advice on international law before starting operations; tax season practices that are well established in the U. S. may not fit in other countries or cultures.


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