Friday, August 31, 2007

Blogging for Business

Congratulations to Jack Ciesielski (Analyst's Accounting Observer), Michelle Golden (Golden Practices), Gina Gwozdz (Gina's Tax Articles), Eva Lang (BV Girl), Greg Price (From Greg's Head) and Reed Tinsley (healthcare)--all cited in a recent Accounting Today article ("Blogging for Dollars") about using blogs to attract attention to your business.

NOTE: I am listing three new blogs--In the news, etc. section is the Ministry Blog--the blog is based from Stanfield and O'Dell CPA firm and does cover not-for-profit accounting and tax issues but seems to be predominantly Christian theology. In the Accounting section is the Accounting Onion by former faculty Tom Selling--not the accounting humor blog one might expect, but a VERY good financial accounting and auditing blog. Good Loans is a new blog from a lender's perspective by Linda Keith.--some good tax insights.


Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks Dan for your kind remarks and continued support. Thanks for keeping up the great work on your own excellent accounting blog! Best regards,
Michelle Golden

9:42 PM  
Blogger tom.selling said...

Thanks very much for your kind words about my new blog. I am also very appreciative of Michelle Golden's efforts to increase the exposure of accounting blogs.

7:57 PM  

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