Friday, February 16, 2007

IRS more than doubles Advisory Council

Sixteen new members were added to the eleven returning members of the IRS advisory council. These members include seven academics and researchers: Marsha Blumenthal, Charles Christian, Lillian Mills, George Plesko, John Karl Scholz, Eric Toder and George Yin. Nine tax practitioners were included: Herbert Beller, Michael Boyle, Francis Degen, Andrew Lyon, Daniel Moore, Robert Nath, Donna Rodriguez, John Satagaj and Philip Tatarowicz.

Congratulations to each new member nominated. I hope each of you will put the well-being of taxpayers first; moreover, assuming that this is the group which reports to Nina Olsen, I hope that you will be kind to fellow member Kay Bell (Don't Mess with Taxes) so that she can continue her good work on her blog and the Carnival of Taxes.


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